Najeemir, a.k.a. “Money Making Najee”, has been behind the scenes for a minute so it’s hard to believe he’s only 18 years old. The creative director of TXMRXC and the man behind the scenes of artist like Kwad and Lord Linco has slowly been showing more of himself to the public. With co-signs from Pnb Rock and Chxpo, Najeemir, immigrated from Pakistan when he was seven years old. We spoke on the phone to learn more about this young visionary.

Coming more out of his shell, Najee has been involved in styling people, leading him to create a clothing brand. MIR Inc., who’s name is inspired by Dame Dash and his infamous quote: ‘I hustled for my last name’, is a sentiment Najeemir feels he can pass to his kids. Keeping in mind the potential of his name being remembered forever, Najeemir candidly told me, “I’m thinking about my kid’s kid’s kids”. Drawing inspiration from fashion icons such as Ian Connor, Najeemir is dropping five exclusive pieces on his website this Saturday, December 22, but he does not intend to stop with the clothing brand. I “just wanna take over everything” explained Najee in describing how he hopes to expand MIR Inc. into all aspects of business, especially production. From clothing and management to producing movies Najeemir wants to do it all.

Najeemir works naturally. He does not force relationships, he finds the vibe and makes it work. That’s how he linked with Linco, he explained. Just genuine vibes and feeling each other’s energy. In an industry Najeemir describes as “fraudulent” and illusory, being real is a valuable commodity. In describing his relationship with Linco, Najemir said “when you meet someone so authentic it’s going to rub off on you.” Plus, Najee is not one to have it handed to him, he “had to do it…late nights.” This kind of work ethic and hustle ethos, is what has assured Najeemir’s success thus far and what will bring him much success in the future.

Stay tuned for details and updates on MIR Inc. and Najeemir’s final show of the “Let Loose” series.


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