Phillip, or”PhilGod,” is a 21 year-old graphic designer from Tallahassee, Florida currently living in Virginia.

“Music inspired me to start creating art. Seeing some of my favorite artist, like Denzel Curry, produce cool cover art for their music motivated me to want to create cover art of my own. My style is motivated a lot by 90s cartoons and just life in general. I believe art is everywhere and I create based on the vibes I get from various people, places, or things. All of my projects are special to me and some have hidden messages in them but overall art is my outlet and it keeps me out the streets. Art is part of my personality so it keeps me motivated to grow and reflect on life and who I am”

“My freshman year of college, I participated in a study abroad program in South America that inspired me to join the Global Citizen movement. This organization encourages communities to raise awareness and take action on global issues. I encourage all my supporters to sign up. Sometimes, when they do, I send them free artwork. The link for that is :

“It’s called dying just from living… and as an artist I believe sometimes I’m struggling to get support and making art is very time consuming and stressful but it’s still something i love to do for a living so i tried to create a concept of life and death.”


instagram: @philgodart

Twitter: @PHILGOD

He is also opening a thrift store in the Fall. The instagram is @vintagejackpalace

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