First off who was responsible for the audio on these videos.

XXL was probably like, “its gonna be real grunjee. It’s gonna be raw. Your gonna be able to hear the street itself. We takin hip hop back to the corner. Its gonna be tough”

Nah shut up XXL, y’all done messed up. Sounds like they in a damn computer lab with all the fans on high. Cars honkin in the street bein distracting.

And these Trojan ads are nearly as big as the XXL logo itself.

PnB Rock

This man PnB Rock told his story. He came from the bottom, now he on the top and he gonna bring all his people with him. He was authentic and heartfelt. But why did he sound so awkward?

This man didn’t know whether he was gonna sing or rap or talk. He kinda walks this middle ground where his voice sounds weak and boring as hell. And u can tell he finds his voice right around 1:47. If he had that presence the whole time, this would be a different conversation.

Bars – has this man heard of a metaphor?

Swag – I can’t get past his weak ass voice


A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

He hit us with the modern romance bars followed by the im glowed up and getting hoes but I still think about u bars. My only question is who is this man rapping to. He looked in every direction BUT the camera. Lookin like John Mccain tryna debate Obama, wandering around aimlessly and shit.

Bars – Better than PnB

Swag – Where can I cop that hoodie thoo

VERDICT: Elevator Music

Playboi Carti

Stellar. A performance for the ages. He mumbled and when he wasn’t mumbling he was covering his mouth with his hand. He freestyled a hot piece of garbage with that damn aee flow that only sounds good with a hot beat to go along with it. Truly brilliant stuff here from Carti.

Bars – Did he say he’s a wokstar? Did he say Kim Jong is on his line?

Swag – After last year I didn’t think artists could care less about XXL. Enter Playboi Carti.

VERDICT: ‘I cant rate it i aint ready’

-Scuzz Prince