In the age of the internet, the viral song has become something of a golden egg to new artists. Bobby Shmurda’s “Hot Nigga” made him an overnight star and others like OG Maco and Dej Loaf attained national recognition from their respective hits. “Hot Nigga” made waves nationally for its catchy lyrics and flow and the infectious dance showcased in the music video. As a result, Shmurda was able to work his viral song into a multi-million dollar major record deal. He was touring, doing national TV spots, and prepping the industry for his debut release. By all accounts, Shmurda had an entire career laid out for him and had it not been for a poorly timed legal case he could have been a star today.

While viral songs aren’t as prominent as they were in 2014 artists are still able to benefit from them.

Recently DMV rapper Noo$e Musik dropped his Ride $low EP. The VA producer-rapper’s project served as a strong showing of his talents (review here) but one of the standouts was the second track “Who Are You?” Noo$e takes a beat anchored by a creeky synth riff and spits bouncy verses about unwanted friends. The memorable part of the track is the how Noo$e goes about expressing his feelings. On the hook, Noo$e asks the question “Who are you!?” with enough conviction that the listener questions whether you should ever approach him in person. In between Noo$e’s emphatic questioning during the chorus he drops gems in his verses. Lines like “your belt cost a rack but it takes 6 cents to make” hit hard both for their authenticity and cutting honesty.

The song has the potential to become a hit. The music is melodic and rhythmic enough to put a step in the average listener while the lyrics almost beg to be chanted by a group of people partying. But it isn’t just the music that gives “Who are you?” the potential to go viral.

Many viral songs are not just a singular track but also accompanied by a music video. Songs likes “It G Ma” and “Uber Everwhere” blew up after the video dropped and the video became integral to the song itself. The video gives audiences something to latch onto, something to share and meme on social media. “Who Are You” needs a video that can match the feeling of the song.

Music videos are not easy to create. They must encapsulate the feeling of the song while not feeling generic or repetitive. While big budget artists have the luxury of money to enhance their videos, young artists on the Internet must rely on their creativity to make their videos. In many viral hits the video is just the artist rapping in a few different locations with their friends in the background (e.g. “Hot Nigga,” “U Guessed It”). What made these videos shine was the personality of the artists themselves. OG Maco and Bobby Shmurda excel at projecting their personality onto a song and that talent translated to their videos. The energy from the song carries over seamlessly to the music video and it enhances the moment entirely.

Noo$e shares this ability to project character and energy onto a song. “Who Are You” is a fun anthem with a message that anyone can relate to. If Noo$e and his team can create a video that is equally infectious there is no reason it can’t be trending on twitter before the summer is up.

-Mac Konrad

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