Ride $low, the debut solo album by Noo$e Musik, exists in a state of constant flux. From smooth autotuned tracks, perfect for a late night smoke sesh, to menacing, in-your-face bangers, Noo$e Musik crafts a well-rounded and (mostly) self-produced album. While the album might lack consistency at times, Noo$e Musik’s eclectic production and diversity results in an album that you can throw on at any time and vibe out to.

Standout Tracks:

Ride $low Intro

The first song on the album starts with a smooth, lo-fi instrumental riff, before Noo$e alternates between singing and rapping with a flow that might best be described as both relaxed and confident. This song sets the tone for most of the album, introducing Noo$e Musik’s characteristic slow and calm flow as he tells us “do not let these heathens (?) get to you/fuck these niggas, fuck these bitches too.” What the track lacks in wordplay, it’s impossible to not “vibe on it”

Who Are You (Prod. Noo$e)

The second song on the album takes a hard left from the tone of the intro, as Noo$e aggressively asks “Who are you?” over a simple but eerily hard beat. Lyrically creative, with lines like “Call me Tony Tiger, I’m great,” Noo$e succeeds in moving away from the sound of “Ride $low Intro” and creating a banger.

Kickback (Uncle Noo$e Crib) ft. Shaboozey, IQ, and Leon Knight On Guitar (Prod. By Noo$e)

This song features a smooth autotuned chorus and standout features from Virginia native Shaboozey, and IQ and Leon Knight On Guitar. Lines such as “We the kama sutra/baby wear this cause it really suit ya/and if you leave me girl I might just suit ya” over the calm, almost tropical beat, results in a song perfect for a kickback with your friends (as the name suggests).

Get What You Want (Prod. Noo$e)

Another smooth track where Noo$e raps about how his girl can “get what you want,” Noo$e kinda reminds me of a deeper voiced Goldlink, another Virginia native, with his voice almost trembling when he sings the hook. This song probably features my favorite production and mixing on the album, highlighting Noo$e’s production skills, and will definitely be in heavy rotation.

Ride $low Outro

Noo$e closes the album with a song featuring pitch-shifted vocals as he compares himself to “Al Capone, the untouchable/tryna get in touch but I’m untouchable.” A smooth finish to an already smooth album.

A lot of new rappers are carried by their production rather than their skills as an MC (*cough* Playboi Carti *cough*) but Ride $low showcases both Noo$e Musik’s technical skill and his production chops. While he doesn’t necessarily rap about much, with the subject matter of the songs alternating from croons about Noo$e’s girls to songs about the weed he’s smoking with his friends, for a debut album, Ride $low is a great example of the unique Virginia sound that’s on the come-up. Check out Noo$e on Soundcloud the next time you kick back.

-Bunyamin Sevim

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