Erin Forgit is a cartoonist from Williamsburg, Virginia, currently a junior at VCU.

“Artwork serves as a link to the past, revealing the inner workings of society. It stands the test of time despite the incessant ticking of the clock. My work represents not history, but herstory…

Just kidding–I do art because I like to.

My artwork has always been about creating humorous, pleasing, or just unique images. I don’t like to fill my work with convoluted ideas. Much of my artwork features fantasy elements, animals, cartoon-like figures, and fantastic creatures. My artwork recently has been focusing on traditional figure drawing with a “caractured twist” and dynamic poses. I worked as a caricature artist at Busch Gardens VA one season in high school and the skills I learned there in such a short time have been increasingly incorporated into my more recent work. I am a Communication Arts major at VCUarts who is pursuing a career in character and conceptual art in the film industry, video game industry, or for any individuals who are in need of a visual for their personal endeavors. I thoroughly enjoy bringing life to others visions by giving them a visual representation of their ideas, and I hope to begin doing that professionally.”

Garlic Horror – A group of vampires happen upon a grisly sight: one of their own overtaken by garlic.

Tim – A study done from a live-model, completed in 15 minutes.

Figure – A monochrome profile of a live model.

Finnegan and Blunderbees – A friendly dragon sits in a hollowed out log while watching the blunderbees go about their nighttime pollinating

Medium Schmedium – A study of different mediums to produce different results.

Caricature I – A caricaturized study of a live-model in the classroom.

Caricature II – A full-body caricaturized study of a live-model in the classroom.

Reclining Figures – A double study of the same model in different styles.

Triangle Girl – A pondering live-model sits atop a stool.

Honeymooner “Scoundrel of the Sands” – A Mad Max vehicle concept.

Trio of Gnatters – These gnats all serve specific purposes in their village, the end goal being to propagate eggs and larvae into new potted houseplants.

To keep up with her newest pieces and daily sketches, check her out on Instagram at @erinforgit

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