“Shout out to the Pacer Test part 2”

AB BADD, short for Angelo Blake Bring All Devils Down, is an eighteen-year-old high school senior from Richmond.  He’s a self-described born creative: a writer, a sketch comic, an artist, and a rapper all rolled into one.  His sound, like his style, is extremely diverse.  Every track on BADD is extremely danceable while managing to distance itself from a more common trap sound with mellow, wavy samples.



“I just been chillin’ feelin’ illest little niglet / they be talkin mess, yo, all I hear is crickets”

On Laker Paper, AB adopts a thick, steady flow that fits perfectly into the frosty mold set by ICYTWAT’s signature production.  Lyrically and conceptually, it’s definitely one of the simpler tracks on the tape, but the symphony of BADD’s flow and the beat just make it such a headnodder.

BADD VIBES x HOKAGE [prod. Nish, featuring Vibe$]

“If you Kobe then I guess I’m Phil Jackson / If I rob you bet I won’t feel jack, son! / Get it? Or do you need closed captions?”

A wavering violin and twanging guitar sample give Hokage a tense, Oriental atmosphere, and BADD rides the rhythm with fierce, pugilistic energy.  Vibe$ shines on his guest verse, a silky smooth display of lispy lyricism and melodic charm.  Another absolute banger.

WIFEY [prod. Bricc Flair, featuring Vibe$, the Don, and Hazy Jay]

“My chain be so icy / Calm her down like Tai Chi”

Tinkling bells and a strong hook make Wifey one of the bounciest tracks on the tape, and it’s greatly assisted by a slew of impressive features.  However, the Don truly steals the show with a brief verse in a gorgeous, gravely singsong.

Zelda [prod. TY.XO]

“Ever-gettin-green, you a deciduous tree”

On Zelda, BADD ups his speed without losing a hint of power.  The hook is comically high-pitched and offkey, but it’s hard to imagine anything else over that amazing Ocarina of Time Lost Woods sample, and its contrast with his booming delivery gives the song a lot of personality.  Also, ever-gettin-green? Deciduous tree?  Deciduous refers to plants that shed their leaves annually? Boi.

Downside [prod. TY.XO]

“Niggas bland like fuckin’ crackas cookin’ in Nebraska / Ya corny bastard, I’m ya masta”

Following a lighthearted intro, Downside is by some distance the dirtiest track on the mixtape.  BADD waxes filthy over a modernized, murky boom bap beat.  It’s BADD at his most gangster, and probably his most lyrical in this EP, stacking rhyme over consonance over rhyme.  I had to take a cold shower after this shit.

BADD’s the type of guy that comes across as extremely different while at the same time being a perfect model of our generation, from his appreciation of Toonami-era anime to his whimsical intros to his affinity for rhythm.  As is the case with the vast majority of rappers, he owes a lot to his producers and features, but the extent to which he adapts to and plays off of each is exceptional.  The vibe on each song differs wildly from the next, and they all fucking slap. Thank you for reading, and peep the tape.

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