Enchanment – [ Oil Pastel on Paper ] Inspired by the people of Guatemala, I created this piece because of my grandmother. She gave me a book entitled “Guatemala” that had so many amazing pictures of the country and its people. So when she passed in June 2016, I had decided to dedicate a couple of pieces to her memory this being one of the greatest results of my paying homage to my Gigi’s life and teachings

” Their Eyes Were Watching God ” [ Oil pastel, Chalk pastel, Acrylic paint ] Piercing eyes that tell a story all their own. This piece was a technique challenge for myself. An attempt at creating with a realistic edge. The eyes capture so well that it can be described as the eyes of an deity or an angel. Being that there is so much that is held in the gaze.

Acid Face No. 2 [ Prismacolor Pencil ] A Black background with the subject absorbed in a multicolor body, the message is very simple. No matter the color of your skin, we all come from the same background. Science has proven the life of humans started in Africa.

Self Portrait No. 2 [ Oil Pastel ] A simple study of my own face. Every artist needs to document not only their lives, the lives around them, but also their face and likeness. Immortalize yourself as well as your Art. Taught by Rembrandt.

The Water(s) [ Prismacolor Pencil ] The two boys are the main subject in this picture, the message is the same as all of the Acid Series. Showing the two African children emerging from the cradle of civilization.

Mother Nature and Brainstorm [ Acrylic Paint ] These two pieces/ out of four, represent Brain patterns in a stressful or a pressured situation. The idea is brainstormed first and then thoughts blossom and come to fruition second. A visual personification of how the mind works.

Grandscapes [ Acrylic Paint ] The fiery relationship, when you love so hard that it feels like a volcano erupting in your soul when you kiss your lover. The two lovers in the subject are half in the water and half in the eruption. The two main sides of being in love. On one side the two of you flow like water, everything is cool, calm, and collected when you are together. But at the same time, love can be intense, passionate, and even dangerous at times. The flow of the water versus the intensity of the volcano

Acid Face No. 4 [ Prismacolor Pencil ] A recent update on the Acid Series

Distraction [ Acrylic ] At the same time my grandmother passed around June 2016, my father went down with Leukemia the month before. I was extremely stressed and only had one way to get my frustrations with life out. A canvas. I painted and painted with no general direction just a knowledge of how colors work together and applying that to my first abstract painting. I needed a distraction so this became the ultimate stress reliever at a very tumultuous time.

Visionary [ Chalk Pastel, Acrylic Paint ] A man catching a vision of the future, In the 3rd eye is a familiar symbol called the Hamsa also known as the Hand of God. This man is receiving visions of the future from God. A vision to create a better life for himself and his people.

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