In a few days, Virginia rappers Karmah and Trip Dixon will kick off the Virginia’s Finest tour, starting with a show on the 1st at The Crown in Baltimore, MD and ending on the 31st in their hometown of Richmond, VA. While Karmah and Trip Dixon will be headlining most shows, they’ll be joined by multiple guest artists, including Hunned Mill, Ugly Element, 5 Finger Posse, and underground icon Black Kray, amongst others. I spoke with Karmah and Trip Dixon, and asked them to describe life on the road, the relationship and dynamic between the three, and why we should be excited to see them on stage.


So what’s your relationship with the other artists on the tour? And have you ever toured before, with or without the others?

Trip: I knew Hunned and Kray, and when Karmah got out [after being locked up] I started going to his shit, and started making music with them from there. And yeah, this is the first time I’m going on tour

Karmah: We got good chemistry, and we were raised together so we’re really tight. This is the first time we’re on tour together.


You excited?

Karmah: Yeah I’m mostly excited about just seeing the fans in different cities playing songs that they fuck with. And secondly taking advantage of the moments I’ll be in, around the rappers in those cities.


Since this is your first tour, and the first time y’all are touring together, what’s so special about this tour? Like, why should people take the time to come and see y’all?

Trip: That shit’s rare. This shit’s something you’ll never see again, like if you don’t see us now you’ll never gonna know what it’s gonna be like. It’s not something you’re gonna see somewhere else.

Karmah: Simply because it’ll give us the chance to have chemistry on the road, and on stage, in that environment under pressure.


So, I know y’all are gonna have a videographer y’all have worked with before – Sheedo da Plug – filming y’all on each leg of the tour. Why’d you make the decision to bring him along, and what are you hoping to get out of filming the tour?

Karmah: See, it’s because sometimes there are moments behind the scenes on tour, that the people don’t understand, that go on and make us who we are today. So, to have Sheedo on the road with us, and to capture all of these moments and all of the stuff that happens behind the stage, will help the fans understand who we are today.


And what are your plans after the tour is finally over?

Trip: I’ll probably just be making music, and making my clothes and shit.

Karmah: So once the tour is over, I plan on dropping an album at the end of the summer, Mind Trials 3, and just continue the deal with Goth Money and Dirt Road Entertainment.


Tour dates for the Virginia’s Finest Tour are below:


Friday, March 1st: The Crown, Baltimore, MD

Saturday, March 2nd: CVL, Manassas, Virginia

Saturday, March 9th: Philly Lighthouse, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Friday, March 15th: The Meridian, Williamsburg, Virginia

Saturday, March 16th: Prim Studios, Norfolk, Virginia

Saturday, March 24th: Tropicalia, Washington, D.C

Sunday, March 31st: Cornerstone, Richmond, Virginia


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