“ReadyRock”… then the beat drops. With 17 years of experience behind his craft, the Hampton, Virginia native has steadily been establishing his name as one of the best producers in Virginia and beyond. From the same geographical region that birthed The Neptunes, Timbaland, and Lex Luger to name a few, ReadyRock James is on track to adding his name to the illustrious 757 legacy.

Not many producers on the forefront of the modern rap scene can remember the first version of Fruity Loops, the digital music software now called FL Studio. But ReadyRock, who has been making beats since he was 12, can. In fact, all of his beats are made on Fruity Loops; “It’s home” he explained. Nonetheless, loyalty to one software doesn’t restrict him to one sound. ReadyRock can do it all, from R&B to Pop to Trap, displaying a priceless versatility in today’s music era. In fact, ReadyRock couldn’t pinpoint exactly what his sound is: “It’s just fun I guess,” he laughed candidly after being asked to describe his sound.

ReadyRock is from Hampton, which along with Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Norfolk, and Newport News, make up The Seven Cities (Hampton Roads) region in Southeast Virginia. ReadyRock compares this region to Atlanta and notes that each of The Seven Cities is similar to the numerous zones that comprise Atlanta. There is real unity among the artists coming-up there and, like Atlanta, there is a massive reservoir of talent visible with even a cursory glance at the local scene. Artists like Young Crazy, Treez Lowkey, Ceo Moc, and Beo Smook are on the cusp of stardom and are making their mark in the rap world.

Why doesn’t The Seven Cities have the mainstream attention to match their talent?

“It’s coming soon. I think it’s the timing….now you got these lil niggas coming up rapping and the songs are rocking and people getting a quarter million, a million views. So it’s all about timing… and…it’s a new day and time…it ain’t the Pharrell shit no more, it ain’t the Timbaland shit no more. It’s like, you know, street shit and young niggas coming up rapping type shit and like I could do it too and they doing it. So it’s all about timing, man, so I feel like for real if anything, the 757 will be on the map real within the next coming year, 2019, and beyond.”

Recently, ReadyRock has moved into the engineering side of the game as well and now helps artists with the recording process. However, he isn’t going to work with everyone, “I just like working with people who are serious about their craft,” explaining that there are some people who just want to “talk to you.” ReadyRock, an artist serious about his craft, recognizes that being good, or even great, is not always enough to get your foot in the door. The music industry rewards artists who can network well and have their business right. ReadyRock details that “a lot of the game is getting your name out there.” For example, “you get in the studio with friends of Young Thug…they love a beat you play…you send your pack over…now you got that email.” With his high-quality production, this strategy has earned ReadyRock placements with notable artists outside of the 757.

Despite all the noise he’s making, literally, ReadyRock knows “[he] ain’t made it yet,” and  continues to balance his music with a full-time job. Although maintaining this balance is admittedly challenging at times, ReadyRock James remains blessed in knowing that “where there is a will, there’s a way.”


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