HunnitBandCEO is a dope rapper from Northern Virginia. He released his debut project, “Hunnitband Ep” last year and has been making waves since. I was lucky enough to get on the phone with him and he really had something to say. Peep the abridged transcript of that interview and absolutely go check out his music.


Abridged Interview transcript:

I kind of found out about you when you dropped the Hunnitband EP. How did that project come about?

I been working on a lot of stuff and a lot of people told me I needed to move forward but I kind of took myself as a joke at first, you know. But then I came out with this Hunnit Band stuff. So I been working on project after project to get in a better way. To get this music on the roll. I’ve been HunnitBand for a long time.

Word. So talk about how you got started with the music. Were you always doing it and won’t serious about it?

I was and then I wasn’t. Then it just came to mind. This is what I want to do. This is what I like to do. So iIsaid “hey I’m going to continue going with this music.” I had come out with a song with my cousin G$tar-T from G$tar Gang. After that we had like 40k views on our song, so I said “hey looks like I can do music too.” So I kept going with it.

So what is your relationship with G$tar Gang and them?

Them my cousins. We a real live family. We looking at the same goals of getting out of here. Getting our family a big house and doing stuff the right way. I got a lot of music with them. We good peoples to each other and we been working with music with each other for a while now.

Spotlight Track:

Listening to your music, you don’t rap like a lot of artists in NoVa. What’s it like being in that scene but also being kind of an odd man out?

I mean its good sometimes cause a lot of people tell me when I write my music and put it out there that I talk about stuff they can paint a picture too. Them saying that makes me think I’m not just a rapper I’m an artist too. Not everybody can make a song and paint a picture to it.

How do you approach making music? When you go in the booth have you already written stuff down?

Yeah I write everything down. No slacking. Ha. I write everything down. When I get into the booth, I”m in there to be serious and get done what I gotta get done.

What are some of your inspirations for the music?

I just take everything from my life. I find ways to keep myself cool and keep myself out of some things that I ain’t supposed to get myself into. I use music as a big part of my life. I love music.

You explained that you have three children, two boys and one girl. How do you balance the responsibilities of being a father with your goals to pursue music?

It’s like this. My mom always told me before she passed away, if you really want something done you can get it done. There are gonna be obstacles in front of you but it takes a warrior to jump over them and keep pushing forward. So I pretty much do everything I can. I got my girl that helps me. We help each other. My father too and my brothers and sisters to. I got a lot of help. But even if it was no help I’d still be doing what I gotta do to get to my music and make sure my kids is right too.

Let’s break down a couple of your songs. Got any favorites?

I got favorites. It’s “Who I am” with M4 and “One day” with G-Star T. In “Who I am”, i;m basically letting everybody know who I am, where I come from, and what I’m capable of doing, A lot of people just see your image and don’t even know you, so I let everyone know who I am before you can even judge me. And then “One day” is speaking about a struggle. It’s letting everyone know that one day we gonna all get out of it. We gon do everything we can to get our family in the right place and the right environment. Instead of living in the hood, you know. Those two are my favorite tracks.

Jumping off that. Can you talk about where you from and what’s it like growing up there?

I’m from Manassas, Virginia. Georgetown South. You know, I mean somethings were peachy but you got to find your way to eat sometimes. Everybody had they struggles. Police jump out. Everything is not cool like it used to be. You gotta deal with people doing this and doing that. It’s a lot of stuff out here. Everybody kind of just  here but we have a lot of people that made it out of here too. But we all got to do something. We can’t sit out here forever. You can’t do the same thing forever.

Spotlight Track:

What do you think is the biggest problem in Hip-hop right now? Break it down.

Everybody is hating on everybody. Like you got some people that’s from the West Coast and then you got some more people from the West Coast that’s hating on them and they in the same hood. Why can’t you just work with the people that you reside with, like where you came from? Instead of putting them down and saying this and that about the person. It’s a lot of beef in the Hip-Hop culture where everybody getting on everybody. It’s not the same no more. Why can’t we all work together and get money?

Do you see this in Virginia too?


Mannnn. This is true everywhere. Everywhere you go there’s always someone whos gonna hate on the next man for doing better.

Any Last things you want to say?

Free Ru.  Free Desmond. I pray that everybody is able to achieve everything and all their goals. Shoutout everyone in the Manassas area.


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