Age: 17 years old

Where are you from? I am from the south side of Richmond.

What’s it like growing up in Richmond?

Growing up in Richmond is lowkey dope. You can make hella memories out here. And you also got the other side of richmond , that’ll make a nigga want to live somewhere else .

What do you mean by “the other side of richmond?”

I’m talking about that killing, finessing side of richmond . It’s getting hectic out there brah especially wea I live at and the otha hoods around Richmond.

Your music centers around drugs and street violence. Is that why?

That’s all I grew up around , I hate to preach violence and drug use , but i don’t want people getting the wrong message from my art. You don’t use drugs and violence to make it big or accomplish a goal, you use those things as stepping stones to something better. I’m really just giving people a piece of my life.

Spotlight Track:

“I wanted to make something that was trap, But a different style something nobody could mimic. Cuz its a lot of fuck niggas tryna steal my sound . So, I had to remind niggas I got that chop on me.”

What’s your creative process like? Do you just hop in the booth and freestyle or do you write beforehand? Do you write to a beat or do u write and then find a beat that works?

Honestly, brah I go listen to a beat and vibe to it and give myself a couple days of writing time so I can get the best lyrics that flow on the track . And I roll up a blunt to put myself in a space of comfort.

How did you come up with your name?

My name comes from weed brah honestly. Im tryna give you them druggy vibes in my music. And the shawdies like it you feel me.

You a fan of the ganja. What’s your favorite strain?

My favorite is orange kush brah like that trip was amazing. It was sum different than anything else I had.

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

Ayoo my favorite super power would be on sum incredible hulk type shit . If i turnt big and green couldn’t nobody fuck wit my hands brah.

Spotlight Track:

“The song Call collect was more of a expression of my feelings. I was hella faded when I made this and I remember how shawdies would call my phone and ask for my attention but music is my main focus”

What are some of your interests beyond music?

Beyond music … Im tryna branch off into other forms off businesses that music would compliment you feel me. Like audio engineering for TV.

Do you produce at all? You talk about audio engineering for Tv, do you engineer your own tracks?

Yea I engineer my own tracks Its more motivation for me to get better at more than one aspect .

What’s coming up? Do you have any projects on the horizon?

YESS !! I got that new PLUTO E.P. Coming to spinrilla soon I promise its gonna be a banger. Every track gonna be fire I promise. Knowing me I like to take my time making music because I don’t like rushing the process. So a release date will come later.

Social Media:


Instagram: @shelovesdruggy

Twitter: @Dawkiemeech_



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