Age: 29 years young

Where are you from? “I’m from Virginia where ain’t shit to do but cook”

Spotlight Track

“lo0pholes is definitely one my favorite beat tapes on bandcamp. It was a random 5 track EP which was released in February. All of the samples used are Looped hence the title “lo0pholes”

Who were your favorite artists growing up? Do you have any particular influences you can point to?

I was heavy on a lot of 90’s/Underground Hip Hop growing up from Nas to Mf doom, Wu tang clan, ATCQ, Gangstarr, Little brother, People under the stairs..very long list of dope artists. Particular influences? A few off top would be J Dilla, Madlib, Flying lotus, Samiyam, and not a lot of producers really like to say his name when asked this type of question (like the nigga candyman or something, but this man deserves all his credit)..Knxwledge.

Can you talk a little bit about the expand or expire project?

Well, expand or expire is actually a Salt Lake City, Utah based collective created by Twuan & Chief of mindbody&beats. There are a bunch of very talented artists on the collective from all over the United States. I joined in on vol.4 and currently we’ll be dropping our 5th volume in December via SoundCloud & Spotify so be on the lookout for that.

Spotlight Track

“A popular SoundCloud instrumental of mine randomly named after one of my favorite drinks. Along with chopped vocal samples I also played the synthesizer on this track.”

Your soundcloud bio is one of my favorite opening couplets in Hip Hop. What are your general thoughts on DOOM, and why do you think his music has maintained its position in the underground for so long?

uhhh DOOM is pushin 50 and the man still got BARS lol, he is still one of the top emcees in my eyes. I think DOOM has longevity in the game simply because his style is genuinely one of a kind. Often imitated, never duplicated.

Can you speak at all about the making of the bluntrap$ EP?

bluntrap$ is just a collection of remixes I made over the months. There are sampled vocals in this project from trap rappers to underground hip hop rappers. My man j0eru made the cover. Fun Fact: He made the “blntrp$” in bluntrap$ out of real blunts

Spotlight Track

“One of my grittiest tracks for sure, Also a remix track of the late Sean Price (rest easy my g). I sampled 3 different songs to make this instrumental.the intro, the verse P spits over, as well as the outro are all from different songs from the 70’s”

.cigarette break is one of my favorite Peter $un songs. How did that collaboration come about? How is working with rappers different than just chopping up verses like on bluntrap$ EP?

.cigarette break was apart of a batch of beats I sent to $unny. It was an instrumental I specifically pictured him on and he liked it enough to spit over it. Originally I chopped up The Wire and some Bob Marley vocals over the beat (which can be heard on my “TripleBack[Loops]” beat tape. Working with rappers, in my opinion, is more rewarding opposed to just chopping up acapellas over beats but remixing shit is mad fun. Just like chopping up a sample I like the thought of turning something into my very own version.

Do you have any interests outside of music?

Japanese import cars, Video games, and I dabble in graphic design from time to time and would definitely say I’m a Sneakerhead on the low.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

I don’t know if this counts but teleportation like the god Nightcrawler from X-men.

Social Media:

Twitter: @b0nds__

Soundcloud: B0nds

Facebook: bonds307

Instagram: @b0nds__

Bandcamp: B0nds



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