Hometown: Woodbridge, Va

Influences: Koopsta Knicca, Ill Pimp


Affiliations: GBC44

Associated: Macheteeddie, Louwitdabrew, Sheedodaplug, Lionheart, Baggy Boys, SKUTTAWORLD, Mark Bruce

4Sweetz4 is a producer from Woodbridge with a sound rooted deep in classic underground horrorcore. Right now, even with southern hip hop’s dominance in the mainstream, there just aren’t that many guys making music like this at his and his crew’s skill level. It’s dyed in the occult, it feels old in the way of something strange and dangerous, and it bangs. It’s pure, unadulterated underground music. We got a chance to speak with the producer about his collective, his music, and life on tour.



“SKUTTA44 talks about how we left earth and came back to a postapocalyptic society run by the SKUTTAWORLD to reunite us once more. We do a lot of spiritual vs physical shit ma ninja so its a lot to sink in once you understand the context of the lyrics and how I put the sound into it.”

SKUTTA44 was the first project by Sweetz or GBC44 in general that I’d ever heard, and it solidified me as a fan. Sweetz’s production has a lot of sonic similarities with SKUTTAWORLD’s Supe Dupe that just work really well. I’d love to hear these crews work together more in the future.


“Its pretty much a collection of what I’ve felt and made with the family and how we coped through that moment. Album talks about reincarnation.. how we used to live and how we live now. How we are better off how we used to and what we have to face to alter our minds and to change our reality.”

Buried Alive is an EP by GBC44 rapper Macheteeddie. Macheteeddie’s flow is really interesting–it’s almost like a sprinkler, firing off in energetic, staggered shouts. The chemistry between the artists, and with the other GBC44 members who make appearances, is undeniable. It’s an impressive project, but in the last 9 months its clear that its participants’ skills have only sharpened.

Abridged Interview Transcript

Yudo: Is it ‘ghostboys?’ The name of your crew?

Sweetz: Yeah, Ghostboys of the 44th Century. So GBC44.

Y: Ok word and how that come about? Who in it? How yall meet? Where the name come from?

S: We from the future we been dead. It’s a way of life. We all grew up together since lil kids. Its me, Macheteeddie, Louwitdabrew, Sheedodaplug and Lionheart.

Y: How did the SKUTTAWORLD collaboration come about?

S: Forreal it wasn’t even like we hit each other up or nothing we all kinda just linked after one of our shows got high for 3 months straight and just kept working wid each other. It’s more natural than anything and it just happened. Then we all kinda came up wid the idea of the crazy club music shit for the future idea and was like yea lets do that. Forreal none of this woulda happened if Lionheart ain’t put us all on the same flier. So I’m grateful for that.. then we all toured Florida together .. that’s the first time anyone has heard SKUTTA44 .. we were all there.

Y: What was the tour? How was the touring life?

S: We did a show out in Miami… then another hit us for another junt in Tampa so for 3 days we was driving all throughout Florida just doing shows and living off a few hundred dollars. Not gon front it was hands down the most hilarious ride I been on. We got a rental and we was 7 deep in dat junt then we had another 4 heads in the other whip. Drove from VA to FL man, shit was hectic hahaha.

Y: Damn how many shows y’all do? I know Noo$e stay out there, did y’all link?

S: It was supposed to just be one but we ended up doing 2-3 of em. Yea on da last day we all crammed in his studio, before we want back to VA.

Y: That’s dope. So is Lionheart y’alls management too?

S: Yeah pretty much. Well to me he more of a brother than management. That nigga ugly af lmao, but yeah he sets up events for us to perform.

Y: ‘That nigga ugly af’ gotta be the best quote.

S: Hahahaha dats jus wat it is mane all ma ninjas ugly af, but they’re talented af and they definitely stick out like a sore thumb during events and parties and shit haha.


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Twitter: @4sweetz4

Instagram: @Smokey_sweetz

Soundcloud: 4†Sweetz†4

Bandcamp: _$.sweetz44


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