On July 26th, smokewithhutch and Supe Dupe dropped a new single and music video with Super Lick. The visuals, directed by Richmond’s Sheedodaplug, mix some good gang shit fun with bright, frenetic animations and effects that match Mark Bruce’s unique production.

BBW member smokewithhutch is known mainly from his features on Loner Avenue songs like Endless Top, Loner Vercetti, and Takeoff. Like his associates, his style manages to be both pop-y and more experimental than the average rapper, particularly in the different flows he implements. In his solo releases, he thrives over the grimiest, murkiest beats for a dark, heavy, very leaned-out sound, but in his features he proves that he’s got range. Skuttaworld’s Supe Dupe, who we interviewed earlier this year, generally sits on the crunk side of that same sonic spectrum. And he’s good at it; it’s hard to listen to songs like Drip without bouncing a little.

Super Lick is just a fun fucking song, so it’s good to say that Alotta Blunts Qp, which dropped last month, stays consistent with it vibewise. The whole tape is just crowdpleaser after crowdpleaser; it’s plenty enjoyable to listen to on its own, but it’s easy to tell that these are sounds that are made to be experienced live. It’s true to Supe Dupe’s philosophy as a performer.  The duo sticks to a simple formula of blunts, booming chants, and breathy ad-libs that’s got energy but differentiates itself greatly from more common, trendy or revivalist sounds. The tape feels like a very welcome change of pace from generic trap beats and nasal yipping.

Alotta Blunts Qp is a treat. It’s different, it’s fun, and it doesn’t overstay it’s welcome. It’s hard to qualify a standout song on a four-track tape, but the two Mark Bruce-produced songs, Two Hunnid Blunts and Super Lick, probably have the most staying power. I look forward to seeing Supe Dupe and smokewithhutch work together in the future, and maybe some more general BBW x Skuttaworld shit if we’re lucky. In the meantime, you can check out the tape here, and don’t forget to follow our artists on soundcloud and on twitter @smokewithhutch and @Supe_Dupe.


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