Where are you from?

Dumfries, Va

 How would you describe the responsibility of DJ’ing in a single sentence?

Control the crowd and the vibe.

How do you take on that resposibility?

I change the tempo in my mixes. Not a lot of DJ’s that I know do that and that’s something that makes me stand out.

An important part of Dj’ing is understanding when to switch songs and what songs to switch to. How do you make those decisions?

When it comes to the transition, it just comes from practicing. When I first started, I wasn’t really good when it came to transitions  but I basically taught myself how to fix those errors. I’m a self taught DJ so I basically learned some things on my own but my brother was the one who got me into DJ’ing (Jalen Sewell).

What are you thinking about when you make a mix, either one that you upload to soundcloud or for an event? Can you take us through that process?

Before I make a mix I either make a playlist of the songs I am going to use or I just shuffle through songs on my iTunes & SoundCloud. When I’m making a mix I usually let the songs play out a little longer & change up the tempo from high to low depending on what song is playing. I don’t really want anyone to pay attention to just the effects I use in my mixes I want them to pay attention to my mixes as a whole.

Ok, Let’s get more broad. As a DJ, how would you describe modern Hip hop, in both the sound and the culture?

The modern Hip Hop scene right now is real different because there are some artist who are a little different from each other and there are some who copy each other. With our generation of music the artist don’t try to stand out so they basically all sound the same but there are some who stand out especially with the underground Virginia scene.

Speaking of the underground Virginia scene. Who are some artists from VA that you think either represent the culture or are going to have great influence in shaping it?

The artist in Virginia that I think are going to influence the culture are ConFromThe703VestaTyler WriteousDayFveMigo AriasKasonova Crudele, NewTypeJosh, Sonny Ward, & 90 Wyse.

You’re definitely involved in the scene can you tell us about your role at  LoveLace magazine and VirginiaGotNow?

My role at LoveLace Magazine & VirginiaGotNow is basically to DJ events and just make mixes. They don’t really ask me to do much unless I ask them if I could help out when it comes to showing them a new Virginia artist. Also, shout out to them for believing in me and showing me support!

Stuck on an island. What three albums would you have with you?

If I was stuck on a island & had to choose 3 albums to have with me it would be ‘Tha Carter III, Bankroll Fresh Mixtape, & All Eyez On Me”.

What do you like to do other than music? .

Outside of DJ’ing, I like to play basketball, football, and making cover art! I used to play QB in high school.  Ive been making Album covers for some months now thanks to my managers & friend ( Niq Bohr, Nari & PhilGod). Here are some album covers that I’ve done



















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