Everything already been done before. Everything already been thought about, everything already done been played out. But some people do “everything” better than others. Doon, a 20 year old rapper out of Virginia Beach, does “everything” better. He rhyme better and he flow better than a lot of the current crop of rappers.

Although part of G.O.D.S Music Group, Doon’s first tape got no features. Just Doon. Just dope. Off top, a couple of listens reveal an intricate pen and an elite cadence.  The flow’s cold too, but Doon’s ability to inflect his voice rhythmically across bars makes for a super smooth listen. Maybe this was done in the mixing, but Doon flows like his vocals were quantized. That’s impressive. The only potential problem is, it can lead Doon to sound very static, and even, eventually, boring. On this tape that did not happen. Sonically, the tape is a smooth juxtaposition of sample-based beats and Doon’s rough voice and self-proclaimed “brash” content. His multisyllabic rhyme patterns are tuff, especially when many artists in his age bracket are focusing on rhyming “yea” with “yea” (that’s not a shot; I rock with that music too). The opening lyrics of the tape (“been rocking for a minute”) might sound hollow if any other 20 year rapper spewed it. There is a trope in hip-hop where it is popular for rappers to act like they been on it. Like, “Bro I been doing this,” “bro you don’t even know I been doing this.” While some rappers might say that and sound corny or blatantly untrue, Doon does not come off that way.  He owns an attitude that only somebody who “been rocking for a minute” could have.

Standout Tracks

MF DOON PT 1 (Prod By SCT)

Obviously inspired by MF Doom given the track titles, Doon showcases an incredible lyrical dexterity with poly syllabics back to back to back. In Pt. 1 especially, Doon strings the whole song together by rhyming each and every line throughout while telling a story. Importantly, Doon is not just stringing words together that happen to sound good; the ideas make sense as well. His raps not only flow aurally but also logically. Peep these lyrics.

“Scooped her up after class and shit / asked me if I had some pack I could bag and dish / I told her we slangin sacks like we tapping blitz / what you need couple G’s so I cracked the zip…”


In Mindin My Biness, Doon proves he can write a hook too. Throughout the tape, Doon showcases an understanding of how to count syllables so that he can flow over the beat like water over rocks; switching direction when need be, but never missing a beat. Plus, this man probably got As on all his vocabulary tests. It’s been a long time since I heard a rapper with such a tight flow who doesn’t sacrifice content for delivery. Stamp.

Favorite bar: “And the stack bout as thick as the pies in the kitchen, only my niggas get it”

BUTTA (Prod By Amethyst Rxckstarts)

My favorite cut from the tape. The hook is cold, talking about “you the rudder when I row.” I’m definitely stealing that when I holla at my next shortie. The melancholy woodwinds in the sample compliment Doon’s lyrics about the women he loves but who don’t love him no more. This song is put together really well in terms of matching lyrical content with sound.

FOCUSED (Prod By Musikal)

In this track, Doon shows some of the fire he’d held back with before. It’s still smooth, but this is gritty: “tell a ho hit the curb, like I’m curb stomping shit.” The beat is a faster tempo than the rest of the cuts on the tape. It’s the type of song you might throw on in the whip on your way to make moves with bros on the late night tip.

I liked this tape a lot, but I do got some criticisms. All the songs do sound somewhat the same, following the same basic structure and sound. The tape almost sound like one longasss song, which is cool for a first product but I hope to see growth as Doon continues. Would love to see Doon diversify his sound.  Maybe some other types of beats and different song structures. Not that he should stop making songs like he do. The songs is all dope, but creating a project requires some diversification.

But y’all don’t needa be taking my word for it. Check out the tape below.

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