Playboi Carti


Pnb Rock

Kamaiyah (If it was written)



A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie


Ugly God



Kap G


All the freestyles are in and as you can see, not everybody sucked. This was not a judgement of any artists music, just what they put forth for the XXL freestyle.

And remember, DOPE, is a relative term here.

When Playboi and Madeintyo put forth such garbage, it’s hard NOT to impress. What a shame too considering those are two of my favorite rappers on this list. Did that just render my opinion worthless? Possibly…

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Huh? What was that? 3rd time listening and I swear I only heard about ten words. J cole was one of them. Was it a reference? Did he take shots? Was some of that in Spanish? Seriously what the hell came out of his mouth. Sounded like he was spittin something “deep” about the government. At least he prepared something.

S/O to “illmind94” with the comment “Can somebody tell this nigga to stop speaking in cursive?”

BARS: what was that?


VERDICT: Forgettable


Somebody hit up Chance, we gotta another soldier for Jesus trooper in the mainstream rap game. As soon as he hit that “no woah woah” I was sold. I could understand him, there were metaphor’s, even some singin at the end. I may be biased but fuck it, Amine easily had one of the better freestyles. It’s not gonna change the world or anything but at least I don’t feel less intelligent after listening.

BARS: decent

SWAG: Killer shirt


Kap G

How much product does this man put in his hair. Looks like he is wearing one of those lego head piece jaunts that u can pop clean off. But boy can this man sing and flow. The lyrics were solid to. Shooters with me golden state about the most corny metaphor I’ve heard in a minute. Besides that I don’t want 0 problems with this big fella. Well done. Actually, you know what I don’t know. This guy feels very industry to me. Maybe he used one too many brands in his freestyle but whatever it was, it wasn’t for me. He’s got catchy ass hooks tho.

BARS: Ight

SWAG: Next Level

VERDICT: Above average


Was that a freestyle? If it was gah damn. She has major talent. And I really do think it was off the dome cuz of the way she had to catch a beat right at the start with her snapping. It’s refreshing to see an artist go for it and put something together. I wouldn’t listen to it again, but I’m more inclined to peep her music after that.

Now if it wasn’t off the dome, wtf is she doin here. That flow would have been outdated 15 years ago.

BARS: “you’ze a flip flop bitch” DAMNNNNNNN


VERDICT: Respect

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