With another slate of XXL freshman freestyles in the books, Yudo ready to dish out some more HOT TAKES on the hot garbage that is XXL.


Mr. Madeintyo’s video is 44 seconds long but don’t let that fool u, he only spit for 30.

I swear he straight up read his rap for the first 10 seconds. Like if ur gonna read a rap, get somebody to hold the paper behind the camera, cmon bruh. Then blah blah for another 10 seconds before closing it out with hook aimed at the old heads.

In a bold move, Madeintyo decides to embrace the mumble rapper label given to him. I’m glad we all on the same page.

BARS: “dey want none a dat”

SWAG: Not gon lie that “ooo” he hits during the hook is drippin in sauce



Ok Kyle, came with a verse. Which apparently is a lot to ask for… cough playboi carti cough madeintyo. Kyle hit us with some clever word play and metaphors, a welcome sight.

While Kyle’s style is sure to alienate some real rap raw hip hop heads, you stupid if you don’t think this was one of the better vids.

BARS: Hottest bars so far




DAMN. UGLY GOD took that freestyle by the neck and literally busted all over the its face unapologetically. He also said “bitch” 7 times so I did that that quick math and that means he said bitch about once every six seconds.

Ugly God’s verse was about everything a 40-year-old white mother of two would find wrong with hip hop. Good shit ugly god for bein a producer, a rapper, and above all your horny ass self.

BARS: Young Obama Bitch!

SWAG: 10


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-Scuzz Prince