King – 2017 (12″x9″) – A self-portrait representing a new era in my life as an artist. I oftentimes incorporate hands into my work because of how powerful they are. Hands are the pioneers of bringing things to life, next to the mind which generates the idea behind things. My name, Malik, means king in other languages. The gold represents the mentality of courage, determination, and humility.


Pink + White – 2016 (6″x6″) – An illustration of Frank Ocean as seen on his latest album cover, Blond(e). I consider this piece is a milestone because of the attention it got on social media, specifically Twitter.


Savage Mode – 2017 (9″x12″) – A piece dedicated to 21 Savage and Metro Boomin’s Savage Mode. I wanted to create a comic book cover depicting the two and capturing that dark essence that the album gives off thanks to the raw beats by Metro and the dark tone of 21.


Thank You – 2017 (12″x9″) – A portrait of Obama commemorating his 8 years as President of the US. The hands represent what he stood for, peace and togetherness. The sunny background represents the hope and optimism as we continue to live as US citizens

Fecal Fragment – 2016 (12″x9″) – A portrait of Trump reflecting on his campaign and his demeanor. This piece reflects on his motives for the wall along with speaking on his immaturity and racism. The title Fecal Fragment plays on the condition of the US as well as who the president presents himself as


Earn – 2016 (14″x11″) – Caricature of Donald Glover as Earn in his show, Atlanta


Malik Radford For more of his work and business inquiries Website Twitter: @DrawnByLeek Instagram: @malikradford

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