“I am available for home renovations and painting in home murals. These are a few examples of what I have done so far.”
Richmond, Va



“This multi-building mural is a collaboration between myself and Julie Budi. These pictures don’t do it justice. You have to physically walk through this maize of tags and murals to get the full experience. If you are ever in Carytown definitely check it out. Just walk on over to Crenshaw by the parking deck and walk behind the yellow apartment.”
Xtra’s Café
Richmond, Va

“This is a “D.C.” Themed Slice mural at the JVDC Art Gallery. The mural has Abe Lincoln sitting in his chair with the Monument skyline inside the OG letters to the left of Slyce. There is a Redskins Native American Guy (OG in his eyes) stiff arming a Cowboy on the other wall. The pyramids are inspired by the dollar bill. On the other side there is a ‘garbage tag wall,’ JVDC in red and white letters, and the D.C. Flag.”
Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

“Dei Lei means “top of the hill” or “view from the hill” in Fijian. This mural is located on the top of Dei Lei hill in Labasa, Fiji. I worked again with Julie Budi, my girlfriend, to paint this colorful mural.”
Dei Lei
Labasa, Fiji

“My girlfriend’s mom is from the village of Mouta in Northern Fiji. This is the hottest part of Fiji and the family is known for their rich history in having great spear fishers. The mural represents respect in many ways and is also inspired and dedicated to my girlfriend’s grandfather who was a great fisherman and chief of the village.”
Mouta Village
Island of Vanau Levu, Fiji

“I traveled to Chicago by train from Richmond, Va to paint this logo mural for Armstrong Sports Performance gym in Morris, the first town to the south outside of Chicago’s metro area.”
Armstrong Sports Performance
Morris, Illinois

Alternative Cover Art for “Growing Up” by Yung Eze ft. Kontent & Crad (Prod. Kontent)
Richmond, VA

Joey Graziano aka Slyce OG
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